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If you enjoy the immense benefits of meditation, don’t you wish you’d started the practice much earlier? Kids today lead extremely hectic lifestyles filled with school obligations, sensory overloads, internal and external pressures. This often leads to a surplus of negative emotions that include stress, depression and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD). Guided meditation for children helps kids to regulate their bubbly emotions and develop a sharper focus.

If you’re still wondering whether children’s meditation will help your kids to cultivate a calmer temperament, introduce it to them. Just as adult meditation is aimed at looking inside ourselves and tuning into our senses, children’s meditation primarily involves consciously exploring these senses, developing focus, and creating calm. Think of children’s meditation as a stepping stone to building self-awareness, which can lead to genuine confidence and self-esteem.




Studies on guided meditation for children

One study was conducted by experts from the University of California on second and third grade kids. The study aimed at finding out the impact of 30-minute mindfulness meditation sessions conducted twice per week for a total period of eight weeks. The results were remarkable: the kids reported scoring higher grades on those tests that required attention, memory and focus. Their behavior had also improved significantly compared to the kids who didn’t meditate. Clearly, children’s meditation not only allows them to concentrate better on their studies, it also enhances their overall behavior.

A similar study was conducted in the San Francisco Unified School District. The study involved 3,000+ children who were enrolled in a transcendental meditation program aimed at promoting relaxation and mind awakening. The results were equally delightful: kids’ math test scores improved dramatically and their overall academic performance hit the roof. The students also recorded decreased expulsions, suspensions and dropouts. It’s easy to see the wonderful impact of guided meditation for children. Every one in five American kids report feeling worried about certain issues happening in their lives. Meditation could therefore help to offer a natural solution to easing stress, control emotions and reduce impulsiveness among kids.

Meditation for toddlers

Admittedly, not all children will manage to meditate at a very young age. However, parents can teach their kids different meditative breathing techniques. It’s actually easier for toddlers to learn how to breathe properly compared to adults, since their innocent minds are more free from doubts and biases that clog the minds of adults. Meditation for toddlers can help your kids to keep calm and regulate their growing emotions. Getting your kids to sit still and maintain a serene environment is a huge accomplishment (ask any parent!).

Benefits of children’s meditation

Here are some of the benefits that kids can accrue from guided meditation for children:

  1. Enhancing focus

Kids are currently absorbed in social media, video games, the internet and a plethora of modern technologies. They are often prompted to multitask and juggle varying tasks that are mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Meditation helps kids to focus better, allowing them to complete their projects and solve an array of complex problems.

  1. Fostering compassion and self-esteem

Children live in a competitive world these days. They learn to have dreams, ambitions and aspirations from a very tender age. In school, kids deemed as “have-nots” are bullied and laughed at. Consequently, some kids experience trauma that slowly develops into negative emotions such as depression. Guided meditation for children brings out positive feelings of security and inner stability among kids. They also develop self-love, joy and inner peace.

  1. Supporting healthy emotional development

Kids experience more fears today than they did decades ago due to the modern pressures of society. They fear that they won’t be accepted, or that they’ll lose loved ones. It’s important for parents to guide their kids through the trying phases of impatience, insecurity and frustration. Thankfully, mindfulness meditation for toddlers instills feelings of patience, perseverance, compassion and appreciation among kids, allowing them to face their fears and deal with their emotions more effectively.

  1. Relieving stress and facilitating better performance

Today, kids are faced with stressful situations that threaten to affect their health and overall well-being. They experience the pressure of growing competition, demands for better grades, staying off drugs and making good friends. All these issues can take a toll on children and deter peak performance. Luckily, guided meditation for kids helps them reduce tension and concentrate their energy on the important stuff. They perform better in class, are more creative and thrive socially as well.

Try out guided meditation for toddlers and allow them to enjoy the immense benefits of the practice. The Mindworks: Guided Meditation App contains remarkable daily meditations that can guide your kids throughout their sessions.

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