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Pregnancy Meditation

During pregnancy, women undergo a series of emotional and physical stresses. Raging hormones lead to unprecedented mood swings, increased appetite and mild nausea. Meditation for pregnancy helps pregnant women to cope with such stresses by helping them to relax. There are an assortment of pregnancy meditation benefits that women can enjoy. Apart from enhancing their peace of mind, meditation helps to reduce the emotional stress experienced by pregnant mothers by improving their concentration.




Mindfulness in Pregnancy

Research shows that women who practice mindfulness during their pregnancy enjoy decreased anxiety and depression levels compared to those who don’t. Mindfulness also increases positive emotions among these women. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wellbeing of the unborn child during pregnancy. Pregnant women often think more about their little bundle of joy and less about themselves during this period. As a result, there may be a gradual buildup of stress and anxiety. This is never good news for either the mother or baby.

How to meditate during pregnancy

Luckily, meditation is an effective tool that can help you deal with pregnancy stresses. Here are a few tips that’ll help you achieve mindfulness in pregnancy:

  1. Get plenty of sleep

This is a positive pregnancy meditation practice that most pregnant women find hard to achieve. However, doctors recommend that pregnant ladies avoid strenuous activities during and just after pregnancy. You should learn how to take frequent naps during your pregnancy since this habit often spills over to the post pregnancy period. If sleep doesn’t come easily, try various meditation techniques to induce relaxation and sleep.

  1. Slow down

It’s natural to feel bogged down by your pregnancy. Many women proceed with their normal daily activities regardless of their pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, numerous women experience a sharp pain in some of their body parts as a result of walking fast or working without taking breaks. It’s recommended that pregnant women slow down to prevent any complications that may develop during childbirth. Take some time off your busy schedule to be with yourself. Don’t rush. Take regular breaks from work and avoid activities that are too laborious. Breathe some fresh air and enjoy your environment.

  1. Adapt accordingly

Now that you’re expecting, it’s important to inculcate some positive pregnancy meditation techniques to keep your amplified emotions in check. Mindfulness in pregnancy helps you to appreciate your current situation. This allows you to avoid indulging in tasking and unhealthy activities that may be detrimental to your unborn child in the long run. According to a renowned meditation expert Chogyal Rinpoche, meditation helps to prevent strong emotions from blowing out of proportion by calming the mind. Therefore, alter your lifestyle such that it adapts with your child.

  1. Allow things to take their natural course

Many expectant mothers often research on pregnancy information such as the different kind of births that exist and the varying conditions that babies are born with. While such information is valuable to a new mother, it’s equally important to acknowledge the possibility of your pregnancy taking a totally different route from the one you envisioned. For instance, your child could come before it’s due, prompting a homebirth. Mindfulness meditation for pregnancy helps you to gain a certain level of self-awareness and acceptance.

If you desire a meditation app to guide you during your pregnancy, the Mindworks Meditation App is highly recommended. It contains daily guided meditations, daily cup contemplations, mind talks and other amazing resources that can help you to acquire the diverse pregnancy meditation benefits. Remember to rest frequently during your pregnancy. Take time to breathe and enjoy the beauty of your growing baby. If negative thoughts rush through your mind, don’t bury them inside. Instead, acknowledge the existence of such thoughts and let them go, choosing instead to embrace more positive thoughts. This mindfulness in pregnancy will help you to radiate joy and positivity throughout your pregnancy.

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