Meditation for Sleep

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Meditation before going to bed

If you’ve recently been struggling to catch some sleep, there are several night time meditation techniques that can help. Statistics show that more than 70 million people live with sleep disorders in America alone. Insomnia is an unhealthy sleeping disorder that plagues a third of the population today. Several issues are to blame, most notably the heavy usage of electronic devices. Our radical lifestyle changes have significantly altered our sleeping patterns, turning many of us into zombies. However, sleep meditation is a powerful tool that could help you sleep better.




Deep sleep meditation techniques

  1. Mindfulness meditation

This is one of the most popular night time meditation techniques. Mindfulness simply refers to paying close attention to yourself and your environment. Although this technique sounds extremely simple, incorporating it could make all the difference. For starters, you could concentrate on your breath.  After you’ve established this as a strong habit, you begin to be able to notice more of your sense perceptions and feelings, such as the texture of the floor beneath your feet, your emotions and so on. Mindfulness meditation makes you more alert of what’s going on within yourself, over time catapulting you into a state of gentle self-awareness.

According to Trinlay Rinpoche, a revered meditation teacher, there exists a gold mine within us. This gold mine is the ultimate source of our happiness, serenity and genuine wellbeing. Performing a meditation exercise before bed allows us to delve deep within ourselves to find what we seek.

  1. Concentration meditation

This deep sleep meditation is a tad similar to mindfulness. During concentration meditation, focus all your attention on one particular thing. For instance, you could concentrate on a candle’s flame in a darkened room. A popular form of concentration meditation involves repeating a mantra (a word, sentence or sound that is chanted over and over). Choose a mantra or affirmation that you prefer, such as “I am full of love”. This type of night time meditation is ideal for beginners, since it helps to have an object that you can focus on. Overall, concentration meditation helps meditators to relax and over time silence the mind.

  1. Guided meditation for sleep

Sometimes, listening to the voice of a meditation teacher is exactly what you need to fall asleep. In guided meditation for sleep, your instructor guides you throughout the meditation session. He/she may ask you to relax your toes, inhale deeply or even stretch your legs. You could also be led through a series of guided imagery to exercise your imagination. For instance, your meditation instructor could ask you to envision a gorgeous sandy beach, with you happily strolling on the sand full of happiness.

Although some forms of guided meditation is used to enhance technical performance, there are other forms of deep sleep meditation techniques that can help you deal with your insomnia. Try enrolling for meditation classes with a local coach and observe your progress. You could also use recordings and meditation apps. If you desire an effective application to offer you guided meditation for sleep, the Mindworks Meditation App is highly recommended. It contains daily guided meditations as well as Mind Talks from authentic meditation teachers such as Rachel Parrish and Tokpa Korlo. This App is freely downloadable on any iOS or Android device.

There you have it, 3 extremely effective night time meditation techniques that will help you to experience better quality sleep. Remember that apart from dealing with sleep disorders, meditation has a wide array of benefits that you can enjoy. Meditation can help you let go of hurtful thoughts, assisting you to deal with grief and allowing you to heal. It can also help to flush out negative emotions such as anger by allowing you to cultivate compassion. In the end, you learn to appreciate every experience you go through. You also become more self-aware and even more compassionate, thinking with kindness towards others.

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