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Mindworks Journey Level 1: Discover

Mindworks Journey

Level 1: Discover

During this level of the Journey you learn how to practice and discover that you can meditate and enjoy it! You’re inspired to learn more, which opens the door to the benefits of meditation.

Level 1: Discover module includes:

  • Take Your Seat, an instructional video showing you how to  establish an effective and comfortable meditation posture
  • M7: Learn to Meditate guided meditations that teach a combination of mindfulness and awareness practices
  • Meditation Options to establish or rekindle your daily practice
  • Daily Cup Contemplations to start your day feeling inspired
  • Mind Talks to help you discover the benefits of meditation and encourage you to practice

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Learn more about Level 1: Discover module below.

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Mindworks Journey Level 1

About Level 1: Discover

In the Discover stage of your Journey you learn how to meditate and how to sit with good posture. You’ll learn how a regular practice opens the door to all kinds of meditation benefits. A solid foundation in meditation connects us with the mind’s natural spaciousness and fosters awareness of what’s really happening right in the moment. This awareness promotes better decision making and helps us prioritize what’s really important in our lives.

Let’s get started.

The core content for your Journey can be found on Mindworks App and selected complementary blogs are on the Website. During the Level 1 Discover stage, set aside 15-20 minutes each day to meditate, absorb and contemplate the content.  A recommended median time for this module is 2-3 weeks—some people take longer, some go faster. Take the time you need to make practice a regular part of your daily routine and enjoy your Journey!

Progressively work through the list below to complete the Level 1: Discover module:

  • Watch Take Your Seat to establish a comfortable posture for effective meditation
  • Each day choose a Meditation Option
  • Each day contemplate a Daily Cup
  • Every 2 or 3 days fuel your practice with one of the assignments below, working through the list in the order it is presented.

Assignments: Level 1: Discover

Learn benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation by Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

Meditation creates a more positive perception of the world and increases our courage and joy.
Length: 9:34 minutes
Learn to meditate with Trinlay Rinpoche

Your Mind has to Last a Lifetime by Trinlay Rinpoche

Meditation makes life meaningful—it’s the best way to take care of your mind.
Length: 5:17 minutes
Meditation takes you on a journey to discover meaning in your life

Journey of Hope & Meaning by Maggie Lehnert Kossowski

Meditation helps us experience hope and meaning in this fragile, impermanent life.
Length: 5:55 minutes
top tips how to meditate

Top 10 Best Tips on How to Meditate by Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

How do you meditate? Here are 10 tips on meditation that will enable you to experience its peaceful and joyful benefits.
Introductory guide to meditation for beginners

Comfortable in Your Own Skin by Rachel Parrish

Unrealistic images of ourselves destabilize us. Meditation helps us accept who we really are.
Length: 4:20 minutes
Khenpo teaches how to achieve a positive perspective in life

Keeping a Positive Perspective by Khenpo Dharma Mitra

Working with the mind brings out our love, joy & humanity.
Length: 5:57 minutes
Meditation helps shape your priorities

Priorities in Life & Meditation by Maria Camara PhD

Train your mind to recognize true sources of satisfaction and well-being.
Length: 3:09 minutes

Remember, progress is best gained through consistent practice and by going at your own pace.

We hope you enjoy your Journey!

Note: All assignments are also provided via your sign up email. Hyperlinks to App content will open the App to the correct audio or video file if you’re on the iOS or Android device you used to download and sign into Mindworks App.

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