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Mindworks Journey Level 1: Discover

Mindworks Journey

Level 2: Practice

At this stage of the Journey we understand meditation practice requires some effort and diligence on our part. As we experience the wholesomeness of relating genuinely with our mind, we appreciate that this moment is complete—it’s all we really need.

Level 2: Practice module includes:

  • Meditation Options to sharpen your mindfulness and awareness
  • Blog posts to enhance your understanding of how your mind works
  • Daily Cups for a quick, uplifting contemplation to begin your day
  • Mind Talks to learn how to work with your mind for a better way of being

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Learn about Level 2: Practice module below.

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Mindworks Journey Level 2

About Level 2: Practice

In the Practice stage of your Journey you’ll learn how to keep your daily meditation practice going and develop consistency. While ultimately meditation carries a quality of letting go and relaxing deeply, initially it requires effort—you need to remind yourself to come back to the breath and be aware of your mind. By gently building the habit of mindfulness, meditation gradually becomes a natural and spontaneous way of being. You become more genuinely in touch with yourself and the world around you.

Let’s get started.

The core content for your Journey can be found on Mindworks App and selected complementary blogs are on the Website. During the Practice stage, set aside 15-20 minutes each day to meditate, absorb and contemplate the content. A median time for this module is 2-3 weeks—some people take longer, some go faster. Take the time you need to make practice a regular part of your daily routine and enjoy your Journey.

Progressively work through the list below to complete the Level 2: Practice module:

  • Each day choose a Meditation Option
  • Each day contemplate a Daily Cup
  • Every 2 or 3 days fuel your practice with one of the assignments below, working through the list in the order it is presented.

Assignments: Level 2: Practice

Introductory guide to meditation for beginners

Can’t Hurt Yourself with Meditation by Rachel Parrish

Keep an open mind and don’t judge yourself.
Length: 1:35 minutes
Meditation posture starts with your upright spine and shoulders

Good Head & Shoulders by Tokpa Korlo

Good posture creates awareness and keeps us present.
Length: 2:20 minutes
Meditation helps us work with our emotions.

Thoughts & Emotions by Bart Mendel

We label our experience with thoughts and color it with emotions.
Length: 5:08 minutes

Benefits of Meditation for the Mind and Body by Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

The mind and body are very different, but they definitely affect each other. We’re well aware of the benefits of taking care of our bodies—we look better and we feel better. Taking care of our minds is also very important.
Meditation helps overcome ambition

Meditation Traps by Rachel Parrish

Success happens when we give up ambition & competition in meditation.
Length: 4:55 minutes
Learn how to work with emotions at Mindworks

Working with Habitual Patterns by Bart Mendel

Meditation allows us to work with storyline thoughts and emotional highlights.
Length: 3:19 minutes
Lama Jampa Thaye teaches about hope and fear in meditation

Working with Hope & Fear by Lama Jampa Thaye, PhD

Open space is nourishing and helps us better work with problems.
Length: 6:48 minutes

Remember, slow and steady does it—progress is gained through consistent practice.

And while you’re at it, enjoy the Journey!

Note: All of the above assignments are also provided to you on your sign up email. Hyperlinks to App content will open the App to the correct audio or video file if you’re on the iOS or Android device where you’ve downloaded and signed into Mindworks App.

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