Mindworks Journey Level 6: The Gap

Mindworks Journey

Level 6: The Gap

At Level 6, we deepen our awareness of mind’s natural spaciousness and the freedom of choice it offers us. Our practice brings this spaciousness to the forefront, and we gain ever more confidence in our ability to abstain from slipping into unhelpful reactions and habits.

As we meditate, we discover that there is a spacious gap between the thoughts and impressions that arise in the mind. We can choose to “mind the gap” instead of paying attention to the thoughts. When we respond to mental events in this fresh and positive way, we exercise our freedom of choice and confirm our conviction to living with awareness.

The Gap is the third stage of the Journey’s Path program. The meditation instructions anchor us in awareness and show us how to “mind the gap.”

Through the Level 6: The Gap module, you will learn to

  • Take a mindful step back instead of slipping into habitual responses
  • Declutter the mind by letting go of unrealistic expectations
  • Use awareness practice to enhance your understanding of others
  • Find freedom in the simplicity of the present moment
  • Mind the gap with awareness and ease

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