Meditation for Students and Families

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More and more schools offer meditation as part of their students’ regular schedules. That’s because studies have clearly shown how meditation can help students both in the classroom and in their everyday lives. To begin with, some of the benefits of meditation for students are the same as for everybody else: better focus, less reactivity when things aren’t going as wished and more empathy, just to name a few. When students have some extra space to decompress, destress, unplug and appreciate the present moment, their emotional health improves. And this, in turn, helps them make the most of their learning environment.

In a nutshell, how meditation helps students isn’t very different from how meditation helps other busy people manage pressure and time imperatives. For students who live with their families, taking the time to sit together in peaceful gratitude may be something that everyone can look forward to and benefit from. Family meditation may also be practiced with very young children as a few minutes of quiet together time. When time is dedicated to connecting, it’s a gift for every member of the family.

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We all want happy, healthy lives for our children. Teaching kids how to meditate can give them a jump start to accessing the many benefits of meditation. Even though today’s kids exhibit elevated levels of restlessness, stress and anxiety, only 1.6% of children in the U.S. meditate. Yet several studies suggest that kids who [...]

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If you’re a parent or children’s caregiver, you well know that caring for small children can be challenging. Moments of intense joy, closeness and wonder might be peppered with bewilderment and concern if the child seems unhappy or misbehaves. And even if your own children are perfect angels, you surely know other bambinos who [...]

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Today’s kids lead extremely hectic lifestyles. Their days are filled with school, family and social obligations, sensory overload, and internal and external pressures. This can lead to a surplus of hard-to-handle situations that culminate in conditions such as stress, depression and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD). Guided meditations for children help kids develop focus and handle [...]

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