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Mindworks growing international team of experts is comprised of highly accomplished meditators, scholars, psychologists and professionals who provide essential training in meditation practice and life coaching to help people create lasting positive change.

Long Term Benefits of Meditation

2017-09-05T11:53:38+00:00 By |

Our hectic schedules often make us forget some important events in our lives. Like our children’s birthday or our anniversary date. We barely find the time to go shopping, let alone unwinding with our family and friends. It always feels like we have very little time to do so many things. This sometimes culminates into [...]

Keeping a Meditation Journal

2017-09-05T11:59:34+00:00 By |

Sometimes when we meditate, we have outstanding experiences that we wouldn’t trade for anything. Other times, we end up feeling overly frustrated by the overall experience. This is a natural pendulum effect that we can’t avoid. However, some meditators are usually so discouraged by the awful meditation experiences that they decide to take a break [...]

How Long Should I Meditate?

2017-09-05T12:11:36+00:00 By |

If you’ve just started meditating or you’re thinking of it, one question that’s probably lingering in your mind is how long should meditation last? The thought of spending months meditation with zero results is discouraging to say the least. Truth is, different individuals have different psychological makeups. This is not only backed up by neuroscience [...]

How Long Does Meditation Take to Work?

2017-09-05T12:14:56+00:00 By |

A lot of new meditators commence their practice hoping that the holistic benefits of meditation will manifest themselves in a matter of days. They expect meditation to act like a quick fix – similar to how you’d swallow a pain relief tablet. However, this isn’t accurate. Experts say that it takes about 4 to 6 [...]