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Level 4: Resilience

At the Resilience level we become more flexible and resourceful, facing challenges with honesty and presence.

As we meditate, we unveil our innate strengths and natural fortitude. When we can access these inherent resources, we are able to adapt more readily to a variety of situations, including life’s major successes and hardships. Increased resilience makes it easier for us to keep our balance, and to respond genuinely to internal and external challenges without feeling overwhelmed. We find we can take stock of situations, weigh possible responses and choose our actions with discernment and determination.

Level 4 Resilience is the first stage of the Journey’s Path program. The meditation instruction introduces awareness practice as a further step beyond basic mindfulness.

Level 4: Resilience module offers:

  • Experience the gentle shift from mindfulness to awareness practice
  • Realization of how to respond in situations rather than react
  • Insight into our mind’s natural ability to work with challenges
  • Appreciation of adversity as key to our path of personal growth
  • Trust in our fundamental resilience through guidance of insightful Mind Talks

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