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People come to meditation for different reasons. Some are interested because of meditation’s calming effects; some are looking to gain understanding about how the mind functions; and some have heard that meditation can improve brain power. So what does meditation do to the brain? The brain is a phenomenally complex organ, but certain aspects of how the brain goes about its business are pretty straightforward and can give insight to how meditation changes the brain. We know that meditation does affect the brain by effectively rewiring it so that old, unhelpful patterns can actually be replaced by new, helpful ones.

What mindfulness meditation in particular does to the brain is create a habit of presence, attention, and focus, as recent scientific studies confirm. Meditation in general has been shown to actually beef up parts of the brain connected to happiness and shrink parts of the brain connected to stress and repetitive unpleasant emotions. It has also been found to increase feelings of kindness and empathy. This—in a tiny nutshell—is how meditation changes your brain—and your life.

To learn about the various types of meditation and how they affect your brain, we recommend our free ebook: Getting the Most out of Meditation.

How Meditation Changes the Brain

2021-05-24T05:54:41-07:00By |

Did you know that simply sitting and breathing mindfully can significantly change the brain? It’s true! Meditation Nurtures the Brain We’ve all heard that meditation leads to greater mental clarity, lower levels of stress and reduced anxiety. But how does meditation benefit the brain? Studies have shown that mindfulness practice brings about positive physiological changes [...]

What Happens to Your Mind, Brain and Body During Meditation?

2021-05-14T11:31:13-07:00By |

Your brain is an unimaginably complex electrochemical organ. There’s always a certain level of electric activity going on there regardless of whether you are sleeping or mentally alert, engaged in activities or engrossed in meditation. Scientists have been trying to determine exactly what the effects of meditation are on the mind and body. So [...]

The Psychology of Addiction

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The intersection between modern trauma theory, addiction & mindfulness by Stephen Dansiger The problem of addiction is not just a problem for people struggling with addiction. It’s a problem of the ages, and at one point or another, just about every person involved with addiction—especially those in recovery—comes to a point where he or [...]

Meditation Research: What Does Science Tell Us About Meditation

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People have been practicing meditation for millennia. This ancient practice is as pertinent nowadays as it was centuries ago. Meditation helps us quiet our minds, connect with our inner qualities and foster wisdom and awareness. Among the many meditation methods that are commonly practiced, mindfulness and awareness are especially precious given today’s stressful, hectic [...]

ASMR in Meditation

2021-05-24T02:10:33-07:00By |

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responses and Meditation Do you experience a pleasant tingling sensation (called ASMR) when someone whispers in your ear or gently massages your scalp? Does it send delicious shivers down your spine and help you relax? In recent years those relaxing tingles have become a “thing.” In 2010 they even got a name: [...]

How to Meditate for Better Concentration

2021-05-14T11:34:49-07:00By |

We lead extremely busy lives - more often than not we have to devote our attention to many different tasks simultaneously. Meditation is an antidote to this scatteredness: when we practice, we train the mind to be fully aware of one thing at a time. The result is that our ability to concentrate increases. [...]

Does Meditation Improve Memory?

2021-05-24T04:01:46-07:00By |

The benefits of meditation are far-reaching, and researchers have already identified a number of patently positive effects that meditation can have on the human brain. So naturally, many of us wonder if improved memory is one of those fringe benefits. And the answer is… YES! A number of studies carried out by neuroscientists have confirmed [...]

Seeing White Light During Meditation

2021-05-14T11:36:42-07:00By |

Meditation Experiences It’s not all that unusual for meditators to have an experience of light during their practice session. The experience may be along the lines of “I felt I was dissolving into an intensely bright white light,” or “I could really ‘see’ swirling lights even though my eyes were closed,” or “My mind was [...]

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