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Does Meditation Make You Happy?

By Trinlay Rinpoche

What do we all have in common? What motivates us? What is it that we’re all striving for? We’re all...

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How to Live in the Present & Overcome Fear

By Tokpa Korlo

Overcoming the Fear of Now: A Journey from Addiction to Meditation Regardless of where we come from or who we...

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Beginners Guide to Meditation

By Pamela Gayle White

How to Meditate for Beginners: let’s get you started! You’ve read about the many benefits of meditation, you’ve got friends...

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Top 10 Best Tips on How to Meditate

By Trungram Gyalwa, PhD

How Do You Meditate? A Meditation Toolkit Here are 10 tips on meditation that will enable you to experience its...

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How Does Meditation Reduce Stress?

By Maria Camara

Mindfulness Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety result when we feel we can’t handle the pressures and adverse...

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Disrupting Habitual Patterns Through Meditation

By Rachel Parrish

Habitual Patterns Limit Our Options and Hold Us Hostage Due to the tendencies we create out of habit, our thoughts...

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Minding the Gap in Meditation

By Khaydroup Podvoll

Discovering a Spacious Mind through Mindfulness and Awareness In this mindful journey that we’re on, we work with qualities such...

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Working with Emotions in Meditation

By Bart Mendel

When we meditate, we need to understand how to work with thoughts and emotions. Emotions are part of life, but...

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Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation Brings Resilience

By Khaydroup Podvoll

In meditation practice, we discover that our mind is fundamentally resilient and able to work with challenging situations. In order...

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