How to Meditate

Interested in meditation? Wondering how to get started on the right track? Learning the do’s and don’ts early on can help you get the most out of your practice. To meditate properly, it’s important to learn how to sit, what to do with your thoughts, and what to expect.

Many people become interested in meditation for all the right reasons, then lose steam because they’re not sure how long to meditate, or how, exactly, to practice. Beginning meditators are especially likely to wonder if they’re “getting it right”—maybe you’re one of them. Fortunately, in today’s connected society, no one has to go it alone. A quick search online provides plenty of options in the form of videos, articles, guided meditations and blogs. One great resource is Mindworks—we’ve designed it to address all of the essential questions about mindfulness and meditation so that you have the answers before you even know you needed them.

For the best course to learn to meditate, we recommend Meditation Fundamentals.

How to Do Meditation at Home

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Meditation is an effective technique that has been around for centuries. People who meditate consistently find that there are short-term and long-term benefits. For instance, soon after they start sitting, meditators begin to enjoy a decrease in stress and anxiety, enhanced well-being, and, in many cases, improved sleep and overall health. In the long [...]

Opening the Heart to Love

2021-07-02T10:33:47-07:00By |

4 Heart Practices Meditation I think when I first came to practice, probably for the first couple years, I sat there and I thought about meditation. I thought that was what I was supposed to be doing. To imagine: what would it be like if I was meditating? It would probably be like this. [...]

Does Meditation Make You Happy?

2021-05-14T11:31:14-07:00By |

What do we all have in common? What motivates us? What is it that we’re all striving for? We’re all looking to avoid pain, difficulties and dissatisfaction. We all want to be comfortable and happy, and experience a sense of well-being in our lives. But most of us are looking for happiness in the wrong places. [...]

What Does Meditation Feel Like? – Meditation Experiences

2021-06-21T17:04:12-07:00By |

Many new (and not-so-new) meditators wonder: what kind of meditation experiences should I be having? What should I be feeling? Is my practice even working? It’s easy to forget that meditation requires patience. Why? Because the potential benefits of our practice may be less obvious than the obstacles, especially at first. Almost all meditators find [...]

Why is Meditation Important? 6 Facts You Need to Know

2021-05-14T11:31:15-07:00By |

When the topic of mindfulness comes up, there are people out there who still imagine that meditation is the domain of free spirits who enjoy zoning out on a woven grass mat somewhere. But the fact is that there’s nothing woo-woo about mindfulness and awareness meditation. These life-altering practices have been around for millennia, [...]

How to Breathe Properly When Meditating

2021-05-14T11:31:15-07:00By |

The point of mindfulness meditation practice is to cultivate awareness and peace, but beginners often get side-tracked by worrying about the breath. They wonder if there’s a “right way” to breathe during meditation. Common concerns include: Should I breathe like I always do? Should I inhale and exhale through my mouth or nose? Should the [...]

How Long Does Meditation Take to Work?

2021-06-21T17:05:25-07:00By |

A good number of new meditators begin sitting with the hope that the holistic benefits of meditation will make themselves felt in a matter of days. They expect meditation to act as a quick fix – like swallowing a pain relief tablet. It isn’t a reasonable expectation. Most genuine meditation teachers say that while a [...]

Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners

2021-05-24T02:15:11-07:00By |

Meditation is a transformational method that not only helps us relax but also improves our general well-being. If you’re just beginning to meditate or you’ve been wanting to learn, there are a variety of simple meditation techniques you could start with. Learning how to meditate may seem like a daunting task for beginners, but the [...]

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

2021-05-14T11:31:15-07:00By |

A mindful breathing meditation for relaxation Based on the guided meditations for stress reduction presented in Mindworks Working with Stress course, read on to learn how to switch from the usual mode of doing to a mode of non-doing—of simply being—at your own pace. Begin by assuming the correct posture for meditation. Now take a [...]

Mindful Listening

2021-05-14T11:31:16-07:00By |

Is there a relationship between effective listening and mindfulness? What is mindful listening? Mindfulness, in all its many forms, boils down to being fully aware in the moment, without judgment or expectations, with or without a specific object of meditation. Mindful listening incorporates many of these same elements. Some kinds of mindful listening are meditative; [...]

Beginners Guide to Meditation

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How to Meditate for Beginners: let’s get you started! You’ve read about the many benefits of meditation, you’ve got friends or family members who swear by their 20 or 45 minutes a day, you’ve heard celebrities say they couldn’t live without it, and now you’re ready to take the plunge! But wait, there’s a [...]

Morning Meditation

2021-05-14T11:31:16-07:00By |

Four mindful ways to wake up your body and energize your mind What are the benefits of morning meditation? As soon as the alarm goes off, we’re probably already thinking about work or study, the people we need to see and those we’d rather not, unfinished business, laundry lists and that all-important cup of coffee [...]

Mindfulness of Sounds – Meditation Practice

2021-05-14T11:31:17-07:00By |

What are meditation sounds? How to use sounds in mindfulness practice Meditation is about paying attention in and to the present moment. But you’ve probably noticed that the present moment gives us lots of choices when it comes to what, in fact, we choose to pay attention to. The breath? Sensations? A mantra or phrase? [...]

How Long Should I Meditate?

2021-05-14T11:31:17-07:00By |

For those new to meditation or thinking about starting, some common questions that crop up are How long should my meditation session last? How long is long enough? Do I have to do this forever or will a few weeks or months suffice? Behind these questions there may be a fear of not reaching [...]

Mindfulness Q & A

2021-05-14T11:31:17-07:00By |

Answering what is the meaning of mindfulness with Khaydroup Podvoll How would a seasoned meditation teacher define “mindfulness?” We wondered the same thing! We asked Khaydroup Podvoll, Mind Trainer extraordinaire, to give us concise answers to some pithy questions about what it means to be mindful. With over half a dozen years of intensive, full-time [...]

Meditation Classes for Beginners

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Mindfulness-based meditation practice for beginners Wondering how to start meditating? For beginners, there are plenty of courses and classes that are designed to teach basic practices and theories. Many, but not all, of these will present mindfulness of breath as their main meditation for beginners. But while mindfulness of the breath is a core meditation [...]

Meditation and Ethics

2021-05-27T12:34:31-07:00By |

The morality of meditation: enhancing our ethical decision-making At first glance, it may seem that meditation practice has very little to do with morality or ethical behavior. Mindfulness meditation in particular is often presented as a non-sectarian method that can help us do a better job of just about anything: studying, sleeping, working efficiently, de-stressing, [...]

Can Anyone Meditate?

2021-06-21T17:06:47-07:00By |

Sometimes when people have tried to meditate and then lost interest, they wonder “Is it really possible for anyone to meditate? Or is it just the chosen few?” According to meditation experts, just about anyone can learn how to practice meditation. Individuals with serious mental illnesses are an exception in that they should be closely [...]

5 Simple Ways to be Mindful in Your Everyday Life

2021-05-14T11:33:50-07:00By |

Each and every day, there are many opportunities to be mindful In today’s distraction-filled world, mindful moments can feel like a luxury. How can we be more mindful in a society that encourages multi-tasking and snap decisions? Note that being mindful doesn’t necessarily require sitting motionless in a quiet place for a certain length of [...]

Top 10 Best Tips on How to Meditate

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How Do You Meditate? A Meditation Toolkit Here are 10 tips on meditation that will enable you to experience its peaceful and joyful benefits. 1. Just do it Meditation is something that anyone can do at anytime and anywhere. Don’t think that you can’t meditate. If you are concerned that you don’t understand what [...]

Noting Meditation Practice

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How to use labels to make a busy mind more manageable Oh, those pesky thoughts. When we’re in deep meditation, thoughts, sensations and emotions can feel like the distant drone of bumblebees. They’re familiar and benign; we’re aware of them, but they don’t pull us out of our practice and sense of well-being. Often, however, [...]

News: Mindworks Announces New Online Meditation Courses

2021-05-14T11:33:50-07:00By |

~ NEW, RELEVANT AND INSPIRING ~ Great news! Our sparkling new and improved Mindworks website is now host to some of the best online meditation courses you’ll find anywhere. Accessible on your computer or mobile device, our regularly enriched content is increasingly varied and always relevant. Mindworks meditation courses take the guesswork out of practice. [...]

Helping Our Kids Deal with Technology through Meditation

2021-05-14T11:33:51-07:00By |

Information Technology, Social Media and Meditation Today’s younger generations are growing up in a context that is significantly different from their parents’. For many parents and grandparents, information technology was in its formative years when they were young or adults. Social media came later, with the generalization of internet access. Think about it: Google was [...]

Mindfulness Exercises

2021-05-14T11:33:51-07:00By |

4 beneficial mindful techniques and activities you can try today Mindfulness is so popular these days that there’s no shortage of quick, creative mindfulness exercises available through websites, apps, and in print, not to mention in live classes online or in person. Here are four curated breath and mind-body exercises that you can easily experiment [...]

Listen, Reflect, Meditate

2021-08-22T15:32:58-07:00By |

The Power of Contemplative Practice If meditation in general and mindfulness in particular are so popular nowadays, it’s because the cat’s out of the bag: meditative practices are good for us. They improve mental and physical health. They support positive qualities such as patience, resilience and the ability to focus. They boost creativity and self-awareness. [...]

Working with Emotions in Meditation

2021-05-24T04:05:15-07:00By |

When we meditate, we need to understand how to work with thoughts and emotions. Emotions are part of life, but what are they? According to one definition of emotions, they are contents of the mind, like thoughts. They are not two separate things; both are produced by mental activity. You could think of thoughts [...]

How to Meditate: Tibetan Buddhism

2021-05-14T11:33:53-07:00By |

As Buddhist meditation and philosophy spread throughout the East many hundreds of years ago, they acquired the flavors of the lands where they took root. Today, when you look at some of the Buddhist meditation techniques of Japan, Indochina, Sri Lanka and Tibet, for example, there are certainly similarities, but there are also some notable [...]

What is Meditation? Everybody’s talking about it!

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Okay, but what is the definition of meditation? According to the Cambridge Dictionary online, the meaning of meditation is either: • the act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed, or • serious thought or study, or the product of [...]

What Is the Goal of Meditation?

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Sometimes even the most seasoned meditators find it difficult to meditate on a daily basis. But isn’t it funny how we find time to watch TV, go shopping and do everything else? When we understand how valuable meditation is for our well-being on every level, though, we naturally give it top priority and incorporate it [...]

5 Best Places for Meditation

2021-05-14T11:34:47-07:00By |

Where Would You Love to Meditate? Ready for a real journey to uncharted territories? It’s time to sit! And where are the best places to meditate? A quiet room definitely counts, but there are plenty of other good choices out there. The best locations aren’t necessarily the most exotic - they’re the ones where you [...]

Top 5 Buddhist Meditation Postures

2021-05-14T11:34:47-07:00By |

Meditation is a calming process that allows you to center yourself and joyfully experience the present moment. There are many meditation postures that you could try; most of them are easy to achieve. A good Buddhist meditation posture should be comfortable. You shouldn’t have to strain your body to execute a particular pose. Fundamentally, although [...]

Sitting Meditation Demystified

2021-05-14T11:34:48-07:00By |

Is strong determination required for sitting meditation? If determination spells persistence, then the answer is yes. Most everyone agrees that you’ll get the most out of your meditation practice if it’s regular – when possible, daily is best. But if you think determination means that you absolutely have to sit still for hours at [...]

Everyone Has Different Meditation Experiences & Stories

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Regular meditation practice often results in experiences that are different from those of everyday life. But what should we expect? Meditation tends to bring long-buried emotions, memories and qualities to the surface. You may have heard people who meditate telling stories about their practice. Some are delightful and others are rather perplexing. Truth is, your [...]

Daily Meditation

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Many people rely on daily readings and meditation to help them maintain balance and a healthy spiritual life. Those who adhere to a religious tradition have sacred texts that can inspire and guide them throughout the day. The Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Quran, and Hindu and Buddhist scripture are the bases for the faith [...]

How to Meditate for Better Concentration

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We lead extremely busy lives - more often than not we have to devote our attention to many different tasks simultaneously. Meditation is an antidote to this scatteredness: when we practice, we train the mind to be fully aware of one thing at a time. The result is that our ability to concentrate increases. [...]

Meditation and Breathing Techniques

2021-05-24T02:16:14-07:00By |

Meditation and the Breath In today’s hectic, distracted world, a calm and settled mind may feel like wishful thinking. Fortunately there are established techniques that make it possible for us to tame and train our busy minds. Cultivating inner peace and calming the mind are two of the better-known benefits of mindfulness meditation. In what [...]

What Does “Mindful” Mean?

2021-05-14T11:36:41-07:00By |

Mindful is just what you’d think, kind of Be mindful of the time, mindful of your language, mindful of how much those groceries cost, mindful of where you put your feet—being mindful was part of our everyday language long before mindfulness became a thing. So what does it mean to “be mindful,” exactly? In our [...]

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