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Top 10 Best Tips on How to Meditate

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How Do You Meditate? A Meditation Toolkit Here are 10 tips on meditation that will enable you to experience its peaceful and joyful benefits. 1. Just do it Meditation is something that anyone can do at anytime and anywhere. Don’t think that you can’t meditate. If you are concerned that you don’t understand what it’s [...]

Does Meditation Make You Happy?

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What do we all have in common? What motivates us? What is it that we’re all striving for? We’re all looking to avoid pain, difficulties and dissatisfaction. We all want to be comfortable and happy, and experience a sense of well-being in our lives. But most of us are looking for happiness in the wrong places. [...]

How Does Meditation Reduce Stress?

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Mindfulness Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety result when we feel we can’t handle the pressures and adverse situations of everyday life. It’s a simple question of supply and demand of available emotional resources.  It’s not about whether the perceived stressor is valid or not—we feel a responsibility to respond to all of [...]

Beginners Guide to Meditation

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How to Meditate for Beginners: let’s get you started! You’ve read about the many benefits of meditation, you’ve got friends or family members who swear by their 20 or 45 minutes a day, you’ve heard celebrities say they couldn’t live without it, and now you’re ready to take the plunge! But wait, there’s a hitch, [...]

Benefits of Mindfulness & Awareness Meditation

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The many benefits of meditation can be grouped into two categories. In the first, we find all of the improvements to our health and general well-being that mindfulness is known for, including stress reduction, improved focus and resilience. The benefits in the second category are more subtle. Thanks to awareness meditation, we gain insights into how the [...]

Disrupting Habitual Patterns Through Meditation

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Habitual Patterns Limit Our Options and Hold Us Hostage Due to the tendencies we create out of habit, our thoughts and emotions default to a habitual response. Without awareness, we dig ever-deeper grooves into our minds: habitual patterns of behavior that can be either positive or negative. Through awareness practice we can begin to see [...]

How to Live in the Present & Overcome Fear

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Overcoming the Fear of Now: A Journey from Addiction to Meditation Regardless of where we come from or who we are, we all have our own path to live. I was born into a family of meditators. I had a wonderful upbringing and caring, loving parents and yet I still found the need to rebel. [...]

Meditation Benefits for the Mind and Body

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Our minds and our bodies are connected. If we’re unhappy for an extended time, our bodies become weaker and more susceptible to illness. In the same way, when we’re physically run down, it adversely affects our minds. If you have a healthy, peaceful mind, your perception of the world reflects that. You make informed decisions [...]

The Best Meditation Posture for You

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The best meditation posture for you is, first and foremost, the one you can settle into and sustain. Most people meditate while seated on a cushion, meditation bench, or chair. When this is not physically possible, practicing while standing or lying down are do-able. Walking meditation is popular too, especially as a way to take [...]

What Happens to Your Mind, Brain and Body During Meditation?

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Your brain is an unimaginably complex electrochemical organ. There’s always a certain level of electric activity going on there regardless of whether you are sleeping or mentally alert, engaged in activities or engrossed in meditation. Scientists have been trying to determine exactly what the effects of meditation are on the mind and body. So far, [...]

Meditation for Sleep

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Meditation before going to bed If you’ve been struggling to catch some shuteye lately, meditating before bed might help. Statistics show that more than 70 million people deal with sleep disorders - in America alone! Insomnia is an unhealthy condition that plagues far too many people. Several issues are to blame, and notably the heavy [...]

Physical & Mental Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover its wide-ranging benefits. Although this practice has been around for centuries and mental benefits of meditation are well-known, modern science has only recently discovered a compelling link between meditation and physical well-being. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by thoughts and [...]

Health Benefits of Meditation

2018-12-15T19:00:01+00:00By |

For centuries, meditation has been used as an effective technique to work with the mind, and also to provide relaxation, well-being and better health. Long before the advent of modern science and medicine, dedicated meditators from a variety of spiritual traditions had already discovered the tremendous benefits of their practice. Beyond its original spiritual purpose, [...]

What is Gong Meditation and How Is It Practiced?

2019-02-01T11:00:13+00:00By |

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation gong sound waves. The goal of “gong meditation” is usually therapeutic, whereas mindfulness meditation has many therapeutic benefits, [...]

History, Benefits and Uses of Meditation Balls

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Meditation balls - also known as “Chinese medicine balls,” “Baoding balls,” “relaxation balls” and “Zen meditation balls” - are two little balls that can be held in one hand. As you roll them in the palm of your hand, the relative positions of both balls is constantly switching. Initially, the balls maintain contact even as [...]

Top 5 Buddhist Meditation Postures

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Meditation is a calming process that allows you to center yourself and joyfully experience the present moment. There are many meditation postures that you could try; most of them are easy to achieve. A good Buddhist meditation posture should be comfortable. You shouldn’t have to strain your body to execute a particular pose. Fundamentally, although [...]

Can You Quit Smoking Through Meditation?

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We all know someone who is addicted to smoking – a family member, a co-worker or friend, or maybe even you yourself. Once you start smoking and develop a habit out of it, quitting can be extremely challenging. Nicotine, the active compound contained in cigarettes, is one of the most addictive drugs there is. It [...]

How Meditation Changes the Brain

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Did you know that simply sitting and breathing mindfully can significantly change the brain? It’s true! Meditation Nurtures the Brain We’ve all heard that meditation leads to greater mental clarity, lower levels of stress and reduced anxiety. But how does meditation benefit the brain? Studies have shown that mindfulness practice brings about positive physiological changes [...]

5 Ways to Improve Mindfulness

2018-12-15T06:09:04+00:00By |

Awareness and appreciation of the present moment give life its fullness. Training in mindfulness fosters focus, clarity, and gratitude for the goodness of now. But distraction is such a strong habit that even while we are walking, eating and traveling, our minds are usually somewhere else. How can we train in mindfulness and learn to [...]

How Does Meditation Improve Memory and Focus?

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Memory and Focus Meditation Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and presto! Your memory and ability to focus have been magically enhanced! You would be more productive, your goals could be achieved with less effort, and you would find it much easier to prioritize. The resulting reduction of stress would [...]

What Are the Health Benefits of Meditation?

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Many meditation health benefits have a common denominator Beyond serenity: the health benefits of meditation Many of us associate meditation with serenity and mental focus. But meditation comes with a number of very convincing health perks as well. For some practitioners these may be fringe benefits, but for others they may be the most compelling [...]

Sitting Meditation Demystified

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Is strong determination required for sitting meditation? If determination spells persistence, then the answer is yes. Most everyone agrees that you’ll get the most out of your meditation practice if it’s regular – when possible, daily is best. But if you think determination means that you absolutely have to sit still for hours at a [...]

Can Meditation Help Deal with Tragedy and Death?

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Losing a loved one is devastating. Everyone has their own, personal way to cope with the death of a beloved friend, relative, or even a pet. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Many factors enter into how grieving unfolds, including cultural and religious backgrounds, the closeness of the relationship, social support systems [...]

The Benefits of a Meditation Chair

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For meditators looking to get comfortable with their practice, having the right meditation furniture and accessories is a big plus. A suitable meditation chair is especially helpful for people who need more back support, have physical difficulties or simply can’t sit comfortably on the floor. Note that many meditation chairs aren’t really what we usually think [...]

Do You Need a Cushion to Meditate?

2018-12-15T18:56:12+00:00By |

The short answer is… maybe. You could try meditating on a chair for starters, or simply sit on the floor if you want. Use pillows or cushions from your furnishings for a trial run. Eventually, though, if you’re not sitting upright on a chair, you’ll probably do well to buy a dedicated meditation cushion. The [...]

Meditation for Healing

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In recent years thousands of people have participated in studies that confirm the beneficial effects of meditation for stress, depression, managing chronic pain, insomnia and other conditions. Clearly, there are forms of meditation practice that can help people cope with what ails them. But did you know that in some cases meditation can even help [...]

How to Breathe Properly When Meditating

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The point of mindfulness meditation practice is to cultivate awareness and peace, but beginners often get side-tracked by worrying about the breath. They wonder if there’s a “right way” to breathe during meditation. Common concerns include: Should I breathe like I always do? Should I inhale and exhale through my mouth or nose? Should the air [...]

Meditation and ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or simply ADHD) is a disorder characterized by hyperactivity, extreme distractibility and impulsivity. This condition commonly presents itself during childhood, but it may not be diagnosed in a timely manner. If left unchecked, it usually progresses into adulthood. It is often difficult for people who suffer from ADHD to organize activities, [...]

Does Meditation Improve Memory?

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The benefits of meditation are far-reaching, and researchers have already identified a number of patently positive effects that meditation can have on the human brain. So naturally, many of us wonder if improved memory is one of those fringe benefits. And the answer is… YES! A number of studies carried out by neuroscientists have confirmed [...]

What Are The Differences Between Meditation and Relaxation?

2018-12-29T06:31:30+00:00By |

It’s the old “an apple is a fruit but a fruit isn’t necessarily an apple” equation. Meditation is relaxing, but relaxation isn’t meditation. For individuals suffering from physical, mental or emotional stress, meditation opens the door to deep relaxation. In addition to relaxation, those who meditate often enjoy improved health and well-being, reduced anxiety, greater [...]

Falling Asleep During Guided Meditation

2018-12-12T06:38:35+00:00By |

Is it okay to fall asleep while meditating? An ever-increasing number of people from all horizons are discovering that meditation gives them a deep sense of self-awareness and calm. Meditation is a natural practice that offers a wide array of health benefits as well as insights that lead to a more fulfilling and compassionate life. [...]

Meditation and Insomnia

2018-12-30T05:50:30+00:00By |

Meditation and Insomnia: at the crossroads of sleep and mindfulness Have you ever struggled with sleeplessness? It is estimated that at least 10% of the population suffers from symptoms of insomnia. There are two main types of insomnia: acute and chronic. Acute insomnia lasts up to a few weeks, then subsides; the chronic type is [...]

Best Meditation Positions While Lying Down

2018-12-12T05:55:56+00:00By |

The Lying Down Meditation Posture Meditation is an effective practice that helps the body stay in tune with the heart and mind. During most forms of meditation, it’s important that the body remain as stable and still as possible. This physical stability supports the mind as it acquires and sustains a state of awareness. Then [...]

How to Meditate During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Meditation Pregnant women have to cope with a number of emotional and physical challenges. Hormonal changes can lead to mood swings, increased appetite and nausea, to name but a few. Meditation during pregnancy helps mothers-to-be cope with these changes by fostering relaxation and re-centering. In addition to enhancing peace of mind, meditation helps reduce [...]

Meditation Techniques to Reduce Pain

2018-12-21T20:33:41+00:00By |

Have you ever had to cope with pain? There are two main kinds of physical pain: chronic and acute. Chronic pain is often defined as any kind of pain that persists for 12 weeks or more, such as arthritis. Acute pain arises suddenly and is usually the result of an injury or other identifiable cause, [...]

Can Meditation Help With Anxiety?

2018-12-12T07:05:47+00:00By |

If you constantly feel nervous, worried or uneasy due to past or future events, you may be suffering from anxiety. Everyone gets anxious at some point or another. Generally speaking, being anxious is not a malady – it’s a normal apprehension that’s connected to concerns about the future. But when worry dominates our actions and [...]

Can Meditation Help With Depression?

2019-02-01T18:48:14+00:00By |

Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill, Vincent Van Gogh, J. K. Rowling, Adele and countless other artists, bereaved individuals, recent mothers, and John and Jane Does struggled or struggle with depression. In today’s intensely demanding world, stress is a major contributing factor to this increasingly common malady. The symptoms of [...]

What Is Walking Meditation?

2018-12-12T06:54:49+00:00By |

We don’t need a special set-up to meditate. We can practice mindfulness meditation while sitting at the desk, doing the dishes or taking a walk. Mindful walking meditation is a perfect complement to our seated meditation practice – it’s “meditation in motion.” And walking meditation is great for beginners since walking is a familiar part [...]

What is Chakra Meditation?

2018-12-29T06:39:48+00:00By |

What is a Chakra? “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that literally means wheel or cycle. In the context of spiritual disciplines such as yoga, the chakras are considered to be wheel-like energy centers that are not physically discernable but belong to the subtle spiritual body and connect it to the material one. The 7 main chakras [...]

Best Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

2018-12-12T06:42:17+00:00By |

Mindfulness meditation is gaining popularity across the world, and for good reason. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation exercises contribute to creativity, decrease anxiety and cultivate peace of mind. The basis for mindfulness is maintaining a regular sitting meditation practice. The awareness and simplicity experienced while sitting can carry over into your daily routine. Off-the-cushion [...]

Meditation and Breathing Techniques

2018-12-15T06:02:07+00:00By |

Meditation and the Breath In today’s hectic, distracted world, a calm and settled mind may feel like wishful thinking. Fortunately there are established techniques that make it possible for us to tame and train our busy minds. Cultivating inner peace and calming the mind are two of the better-known benefits of mindfulness meditation. In what [...]

Meditation for Childbirth and Pregnancy

2018-12-30T05:53:17+00:00By |

A woman’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth very much depends on what’s going on in her life. For many women – those who have “the glow” - pregnancy is an exhilarating time of hope and expectations, while others experience apprehension about the future, fear of pain and physical challenges. Some are dismayed at losing their [...]

Tinnitus Meditation: Clear Your Mind With Guided Meditation

2019-01-31T11:10:06+00:00By |

Those who are dealing with the medical condition called tinnitus perceive noises that others don’t. Common sounds include buzzing, hissing, and the (in)famous ringing in the ears. With most forms of tinnitus, the brain usually adjusts and adapts to the condition, but it can take a while. There are many causes of tinnitus, such as [...]

Seeing White Light During Meditation

2018-12-12T06:58:30+00:00By |

Meditation Experiences It’s not all that unusual for meditators to have an experience of light during their practice session. The experience may be along the lines of “I felt I was dissolving into an intensely bright white light,” or “I could really ‘see’ swirling lights even though my eyes were closed,” or “My mind was [...]

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