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What Are the Health Benefits of Meditation?

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Top 4 Meditation Health Benefits

While you are meditating and trying to clear your mind, have you ever found yourself wondering what are the health benefits of meditation?

That is to say, it’s obvious why people meditate for mental focus and serenity. But, there are some incredible health benefits of meditation that are more than enough reason for the uninitiated to give it a go. And, for experienced practitioners these are simply bonus points—or collateral improvements for a play on words. Many studies conducted by physicians and medical research facilities have shown that there is a significant effect of meditation on healthy living. From better sleep to better brain function, here are some of the ways in which meditation can impact your mind and body in a positive way:

1. Heart Health

Aside from our brain, our heart is the most vital part of our body. With that in mind, a simple daily meditation practice can serve as a tune-up for your ticker. Your body will be less responsive to hormones that cause stress, in turn lowering your blood pressure which will reduce your risk for hypertension. Additionally, you can lower your heart rate over time, thereby causing less wear and tear on your cardiovascular system in general. Meditation has even been proven to help manage heart disease in many patients.

2. Emotional Health

One of the more noticeable health benefits of mindful meditation is in the way you react emotionally. Depression and anxiety can be greatly reduced—or even eliminated—restoring that emotional balance we all seek. You’ll worry less, enhance your self-esteem and self-acceptance and increase your awareness, optimism and emotional intelligence. The result is a better state of emotional well-being.

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3. Chronic Health Issues

While meditation may not cure chronic conditions, it can absolutely help to manage them, deal with their impact on your life and alleviate some symptoms. Your breathing will improve, which will deliver more healing oxygen into your body. The circuitry in the part of your brain that impacts inflammation and stress hormones will change.  Pain will lessen. Your immunity may increase. Lung function will expand, helping asthma patients and smokers breathe more fully. As the saying goes, “In with the good air, out with the bad!”

4. Other Health-Related Benefits

Your body can benefit in numerous other ways as a result of meditation, too. When your mind slows down, you sleep better. And who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? Some studies have shown that the severity and longevity of flu symptoms are reduced, as are the symptoms of menopause. Those suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can use meditation to help manage its effects. And, some studies show that meditation can even help reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and HIV.  If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then meditation is an orchard of Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies and Honeycrisps. The Buddha may have begun to popularize meditation when he sat under the Bodhi tree over 2,600 years ago. But, this ancient practice now has scientifically proven benefits. It’s a wonder people aren’t regularly meditating more and visiting their doctor less. How do you like those apples?

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