Mind Trainers

Mindworks team is made up of great meditation teachers, coaches, scholars, doctors, psychologists and other professionals who are all authorities in their fields. Having studied under some of the world’s most accomplished meditation masters, our Mind Trainers are all passionate about sharing their insights and meditation experience with the world.

Meditate with the best meditation teachers online in our virtual meditation classroom. Mindworks’ international team of Mind Trainers provides essential instruction in meditation practice and life coaching using a progressive approach to contemplative learning. You’ll find teachings from all of our Mind Trainers skillfully presented throughout our Meditation Courses and the Mindworks Journey levels. Let our online meditation courses be your guide on a lasting journey of personal transformation.

What our happy customers say:

"The Journey levels are proceeding well - very high quality content! I love meeting the all-star cast of meditators."
Happy meditator Virginia
Virginia Phillips
Retired food writer and translator
"I’ve been practicing for several years, but the Mindworks courses have taken me much farther. They are excellent. They give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance to understand yourself, your mind “working” and how to be kind to yourself while practicing. "
Meditation give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance
Pat Wozniak
on Journey Level 4

Who are the best meditation teachers online?

At Mindworks, our Mind Trainers are passionate about transmitting their knowledge and love of meditation practice. More than just teaching simple mindfulness in the classroom, they provide insight into the benefits of a well-trained mind because they’ve walked the talk. Not only have they themselves spent a great deal of time on the cushion under the guidance of eminent meditation masters, but they’ve also experienced the value of meditative mind training off the cushion as well. In this way our professional meditation teachers are ideally suited to be your virtual meditation coach.

While they may have different areas of expertise—including mindfulness training, psychology, medicine, stress management, parenting, addiction recovery, working with difficult emotions, relationships and so on—they all share a genuine interest in helping you discover the tools and practices that lead to lasting change.

To get to know our Mind Trainers, our extensive library of meditation articles and video-based Mind Talks featured in our online meditation classes offer insights into how meditation has transformed their lives and can help you transform yours. With down-to-earth guidance, meditation coaching and relatable experiences, they show how mindfulness and awareness practices can inform your everyday life and help build resilience that you can rely on when challenges arise.