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Buddhism was founded in India over 2500 years ago by Prince Siddhartha who became the historical Buddha. His teachings on how to work with mind through meditation practice have spread throughout the world. There are many traditions and types of Buddhist meditation, but all contain the essence of this practice. As a complete spiritual path, he taught for over 40 years on many topics from morality to philosophy, to what we now call psychology and epistemology.

Buddhism is not a religion in that it is non-theistic, focusing on the evolution of a person from confusion in their transformation to a more present, kind and wakeful state. Mindworks founders and Mind Trainers all are deeply committed practitioners of Buddhist meditation, and have dedicated their lives to sharing with others the insights and benefits it provides.

Does Meditation Make You Happy?

2020-07-31T08:34:30-07:00By |

What do we all have in common? What motivates us? What is it that we’re all striving for? We’re all looking to avoid pain, difficulties and dissatisfaction. We all want to be comfortable and happy, and experience a sense of well-being in our lives. But most of us are looking for happiness in the wrong places. [...]

Meditation Benefits for the Mind and Body

2020-07-03T14:18:32-07:00By |

Our minds and our bodies are connected. If we’re unhappy for an extended time, our bodies become weaker and more susceptible to illness. In the same way, when we’re physically run down, it adversely affects our minds. If you have a healthy, peaceful mind, your perception of the world reflects that. You make informed [...]

Contemplating Lovingkindness

2021-01-01T14:59:20-08:00By |

The causes of happiness and the role of love in developing connections One of the main causes of happiness is in relationship and openness to others. So how do we get that? How do we move from a sense of self-sufficiency and a rather disregarding attitude to others to what I suggest is the route [...]

What is Spiritual Meditation?

2021-01-01T14:56:45-08:00By |

At its core, spiritual meditation is the mindful practice of connection to something that is greater, vaster, and deeper than the individual self. It may seem paradoxical, but the path to that connection passes through honest self-reflection. While there are many meditation techniques that look to increase spiritual awareness, they all require an attitude of [...]

Buddhist Meditation Techniques & Practices

2020-12-05T20:12:25-08:00By |

You probably know that the increasingly popular practices of mindfulness and meditation share Buddhist roots. But did you know that there are many different schools of Buddhism, each with its own meditation techniques and methods? This is because after the time of the historic Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in the 6th century BCE, Buddhism spread [...]

Lovingkindness Meditation – A Daily Script

2020-12-15T21:30:04-08:00By |

A simple and profound lovingkindness meditation to practice every day What is lovingkindness meditation? Often presented as a complement to mindfulness meditation, most formal, guided lovingkindness meditations are rooted in an ancient Buddhist practice called metta (which translates as lovingkindness). Here we’re going to focus on a meditation you can use to familiarize yourself with [...]

What is Zen Meditation? Benefits & Techniques

2020-12-30T16:44:58-08:00By |

Zen meditation is an ancient Buddhist tradition that dates back to the Tang Dynasty in 7th century China. From its Chinese origins it spread to Korea, Japan and other Asian lands where it continues to thrive. The Japanese term “Zen” is a derivative of the Chinese word Ch’an, itself a translation of the Indian [...]

What is merit . . . . . and how can I get some?

2020-12-20T15:37:41-08:00By |

The wisdom of generosity Merit, as defined across cultures, is the result of good actions or deeds. If you’re familiar with scouting, you’ll know that there are dozens and dozens of merit badges that scouts can earn by learning about things, applying that knowledge and doing something positive with it. So merit is something that’s [...]

The Contemplative Approach to Compassion

2020-12-20T15:50:23-08:00By |

How to develop compassion in a contemplative way, free from suffering The best approach to compassion is probably through love. Love takes us out of ourselves and opens our hearts to others. And when we develop love—the wish that others have happiness and the causes of happiness—we experience joy. With love, we become cheerful, resilient [...]

This Precious Human Life

2021-01-01T14:55:04-08:00By |

We’re human—how fortunate and precious! Now what? Reflecting on the preciousness of being born human is an exercise in gratitude and in defining priorities. Here we are, human beings able to make life choices, to try them on for size, and to adjust where necessary. Among those choices, we have access to spiritual teachings and [...]

Power to Change the Future: Our Karmic Plate

2020-12-20T15:49:15-08:00By |

Meditation can change the trajectory of our lives The idea of karma is that what we’ve got on our plate right now has been concocted out of the thousands of choices we’ve made all along the line. These choices then motivated actions that contributed to who we are, with all of our strengths and weaknesses. [...]

Transforming the Mind Through the Three Practices

2020-09-07T05:36:10-07:00By |

Benefits of integrating discipline, meditation and wisdom Many people are initially drawn to meditation because of its proven physical and mental health benefits. Once practice has become a regular part of your life, you may begin to suspect that the anticipated benefits are just the beginning—and you’d be right. Wondering where meditation could lead you? [...]

Meditation: Discovering the Gold Mine Within

2020-05-25T21:20:32-07:00By |

All emotions are related to worries about the self. That’s ego: the fact that you are always concerned about your self. Take depression and fear, for example. These emotions arise due to a way of thinking or to a situation you’re dealing with. Is it possible for you to analyze the situation? What are the [...]

Noting Meditation Practice

2020-12-20T15:51:13-08:00By |

How to use labels to make a busy mind more manageable Oh, those pesky thoughts. When we’re in deep meditation, thoughts, sensations and emotions can feel like the distant drone of bumblebees. They’re familiar and benign; we’re aware of them, but they don’t pull us out of our practice and sense of well-being. Often, however, [...]

What is Vipassana Meditation?

2020-05-25T21:21:07-07:00By |

Vipassana meditation, also known as insight or awareness meditation, is best summarized by Socrates’s famous maxim “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” The goal of vipassana is to give us insight into the true nature of our experiences. 2500 years ago, the Buddha discovered that knowledge, insight and goodness are the only reliable [...]

Opening the Heart to Love

2020-12-15T21:30:55-08:00By |

4 Heart Practices Meditation I think when I first came to practice, probably for the first couple years, I sat there and I thought about meditation. I thought that was what I was supposed to be doing. To imagine: what would it be like if I was meditating? It would probably be like this. [...]

Listen, Reflect, Meditate

2021-01-08T15:01:04-08:00By |

The Power of Contemplative Practice If meditation in general and mindfulness in particular are so popular nowadays, it’s because the cat’s out of the bag: meditative practices are good for us. They improve mental and physical health. They support positive qualities such as patience, resilience and the ability to focus. They boost creativity and self-awareness. [...]

How to Meditate: Tibetan Buddhism

2020-05-25T21:22:21-07:00By |

As Buddhist meditation and philosophy spread throughout the East many hundreds of years ago, they acquired the flavors of the lands where they took root. Today, when you look at some of the Buddhist meditation techniques of Japan, Indochina, Sri Lanka and Tibet, for example, there are certainly similarities, but there are also some notable [...]

Understanding Karma – Cause and Effect

2020-05-25T21:22:34-07:00By |

Meditation on karma, motivation and result Karma is something that’s often totally misunderstood. When most people hear the word karma, they associate it with the idea of fate: “It’s your karma. There’s nothing you can do about it.” But the true sense of karma is exactly the opposite. Karma can change. If we want to [...]

Top 5 Buddhist Meditation Postures

2020-05-25T21:23:14-07:00By |

Meditation is a calming process that allows you to center yourself and joyfully experience the present moment. There are many meditation postures that you could try; most of them are easy to achieve. A good Buddhist meditation posture should be comfortable. You shouldn’t have to strain your body to execute a particular pose. Fundamentally, although [...]

The Meaning of Mindfulness and Awareness

2020-12-08T09:46:27-08:00By |

Mindfulness and awareness are the foundations of meditation. But what’s the difference? If the term “mindfulness” is now part of the zeitgeist, “awareness” is somewhat harder to pin down. In the context of meditation, both mindfulness and awareness are essential. In fact, the journey to understanding the mind and how to work with it [...]

What Is Buddhist Meditation?

2020-05-25T21:24:12-07:00By |

There are many forms of meditation and many ideas about what meditation is. While different spiritual paths may associate meditation with contemplation, prayer or other practices, Buddhist meditation is generally associated with mindfulness and awareness. Indeed, although there are a lot more forms of Buddhist meditation than you might think, they all have mindfulness as [...]

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