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All of the many kinds of meditation that have developed over the years can be placed under one of two umbrellas: mindfulness and awareness. What is mindfulness meditation? It’s essentially training in being present here and now by acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind without judging them, and by allowing them to pass. You might think that to be mindful means to concentrate really hard on something, but actually the practice of mindfulness meditation is more about noticing and relaxing: it’s about letting go. How do you actually do mindfulness meditation? Usually you would sit in a posture that helps you focus on a meditation object, such as your breath or physical sensations, then simply watch what’s going on for however long you want to meditate: watching, noticing, and letting go of thoughts that might distract you away from staying with the breath or physical sensations.

Awareness meditation is a bit more active. Once you’ve learned to steady the mind through mindfulness, you might use that stability to take a close and direct look at how the mind functions. There are specific instructions for both forms of meditation that can help take the guesswork out of your practice.

For a progressive series of courses to train you gradually through mindfulness and awareness practice, we recommend the Mindworks Journey.

Discovering Genuine Confidence through Meditation

2021-11-01T16:56:42-07:00By |

Unconditional goodness and self-worth There’s a big difference between ordinary confidence and genuine confidence. You could say that ordinary confidence is based on some kind of reference point or relationship. Often, if you feel confident it’s because you’re comparing your abilities with those of someone else, or it might have to do with something in [...]

How Meditation Works to Stop Bad Habits

2021-11-01T17:02:19-07:00By |

Science points to how bad habits form, but mindfulness helps us break free Research shows almost half of what we do is habitual, and this makes sense. Habits save energy and resources. If we never developed habits, we’d be exhausted by breakfast. And yet we know from experience not all habits are beneficial. If you’re [...]

Unleashing the Goodness of Mind

2021-11-22T19:05:35-08:00By |

Refine Your Mind's Qualities and Potential with Meditation Practice One beautiful thing about the mind is that it doesn’t have to be become anything else. You might think of it as a gold nugget that you’ve discovered. Let’s assume that you recognize it as gold even though it appears to be rather lackluster and ordinary. [...]

How to Live in the Present & Overcome Fear

2021-11-02T17:50:05-07:00By |

Overcoming the Fear of Now: A Journey from Addiction to Meditation Regardless of where we come from or who we are, we all have our own path to live. I was born into a family of meditators. I had a wonderful upbringing and caring, loving parents and yet I still found the need to [...]

Benefits of Mindfulness & Awareness Meditation

2021-09-09T23:47:08-07:00By |

The many benefits of meditation can be grouped into two categories. In the first, we find all of the improvements to our health and general well-being that mindfulness is known for, including stress reduction, improved focus and resilience. The benefits in the second category are more subtle. Thanks to awareness meditation, we gain insights into how the [...]

The Great Message of Impermanence

2021-05-14T11:31:17-07:00By |

Change and the law of impermanence — Life's great wake-up call One of the most powerful things about being alive is that we’re directly confronted with change. We’re confronted with the fact that we stand on a ground that is constantly shifting; we're breathing air that is constantly changing. There's nothing really solid that we [...]

What is merit . . . . . and how can I get some?

2021-10-10T20:28:20-07:00By |

The wisdom of generosity Merit, as defined across cultures, is the result of good actions or deeds. If you’re familiar with scouting, you’ll know that there are dozens and dozens of merit badges that scouts can earn by learning about things, applying that knowledge and doing something positive with it. So merit is something that’s [...]

Self-Esteem and Meditation

2021-05-14T17:21:44-07:00By |

Discovering Genuine Confidence and Self-Worth through Meditation Self-esteem or self-worth come from knowing, unwaveringly, that you are who you are and that you belong. There’s a contentment, a confidence, not in an arrogant sense but an honest one. When you are at ease with your place in the world, there’s no need to compare yourself [...]

5 Simple Ways to be Mindful in Your Everyday Life

2021-05-14T11:33:50-07:00By |

Each and every day, there are many opportunities to be mindful In today’s distraction-filled world, mindful moments can feel like a luxury. How can we be more mindful in a society that encourages multi-tasking and snap decisions? Note that being mindful doesn’t necessarily require sitting motionless in a quiet place for a certain length of [...]

Power to Change the Future: Our Karmic Plate

2021-10-10T20:29:01-07:00By |

Meditation can change the trajectory of our lives The idea of karma is that what we’ve got on our plate right now has been concocted out of the thousands of choices we’ve made all along the line. These choices then motivated actions that contributed to who we are, with all of our strengths and weaknesses. [...]

Meditation: Discovering the Gold Mine Within

2021-11-01T16:58:39-07:00By |

All emotions are related to worries about the self. That’s ego: the fact that you are always concerned about your self. Take depression and fear, for example. These emotions arise due to a way of thinking or to a situation you’re dealing with. Is it possible for you to analyze the situation? What are the [...]

Being a genuine person: 5 things to consider

2021-05-14T11:33:51-07:00By |

We all have the ability to be genuine: to be open, honest, present, available and kind. It may seem that being genuine requires a great effort, but in truth, being genuine and living an authentic life are very reachable goals, because we’re already there! It’s just that we’re so busy with everything else, we may [...]

Disrupting Habitual Patterns Through Meditation

2021-11-01T16:59:25-07:00By |

Habitual Patterns Limit Our Options and Hold Us Hostage Due to the tendencies we create out of habit, our thoughts and emotions default to a habitual response. Without awareness, we dig ever-deeper grooves into our minds: habitual patterns of behavior that can be either positive or negative. Through awareness practice we can begin to see [...]

Unconditional Well-Being

2021-11-01T16:59:34-07:00By |

Our best qualities are revealed through meditation practice When we meditate, we’re training in being present to each moment without judging or allowing ourselves to be fascinated or repelled by what arises. We’re able to meet each moment, each challenge that appears, with equanimity because we can access the essence of each moment as [...]

Minding the Gap in Meditation

2021-05-14T11:33:52-07:00By |

Discovering a Spacious Mind through Mindfulness and Awareness In this mindful journey that we’re on, we work with qualities such as resilience and tools such as disruption. In this context, disruption is about disrupting the graspings and fixations of mind. If we want to work with these unhelpful habits, the first step is to notice [...]

Working with Emotions in Meditation

2021-05-24T04:05:15-07:00By |

When we meditate, we need to understand how to work with thoughts and emotions. Emotions are part of life, but what are they? According to one definition of emotions, they are contents of the mind, like thoughts. They are not two separate things; both are produced by mental activity. You could think of thoughts [...]

Mindfulness Meditation Improves Love & Relationships

2021-05-14T11:33:52-07:00By |

Expectations and Relationships If we really think about it, most of our concerns and daily conflicts happen within the context of relationships. We are constantly connecting with people at different layers of intimacy, and yet it seems like we always have to deal with unfulfilled expectations related to these connections. It might be a [...]

Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation Brings Resilience

2021-09-02T10:29:05-07:00By |

In meditation practice, we discover that our mind is fundamentally resilient and able to work with challenging situations. In order to meet these challenges, we have to go beyond our distractions and habitual patterns and see what is really happening in our minds. We do this by practicing the two main aspects of meditation: [...]

Confidence in Meditation: Fundamental Fearlessness

2021-10-31T20:18:43-07:00By |

Fearlessness: the spaciousness of meditation flows into everyday life As we sit, we become aware of the space that reveals itself through meditation. And we realize that along with the space comes enormous power: the power of looking at things in a way we had never tried before. Awareness of vastness and space gives us [...]

Anger Management and Meditation

2021-11-01T16:59:59-07:00By |

Mindfulness can teach us that anger doesn’t have to be a problem. Anger’s not the problem, greed is not the problem, delusion is not the problem. The problem is how we relate to these difficulties. Here we’ll look at anger in particular since it’s the most unwieldy of them all. You don’t see many books [...]

Generosity Creates Natural Wealth

2021-05-14T11:34:46-07:00By |

Meditation teaches us to be generous in our everyday lives. In meditation watching the breath with mindfulness is a very generous way to spend quality time with ourselves. Through this we create lots of space in our minds—simply letting things be as they are is itself a generous act. From meditation, our generosity can expand [...]

What is Self Reflection Meditation?

2021-06-04T20:29:05-07:00By |

“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” These pithy words were spoken by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. We often become so swept up by our dreams, ambitions and regrets that we lose the ability for quiet reflection. And while there are times [...]

What Does Self Awareness Mean?

2021-05-14T11:34:47-07:00By |

“Awareness” is a buzz word in meditation talks and mindfulness conversations. But what, actually is awareness? Is it being mentally alert? Discerning? Well-informed? Is there a difference between awareness and consciousness? Being self-conscious and self-aware aren’t the same thing, are they? So what does awareness mean, and what is self-awareness? Most dictionaries define awareness as [...]

The 5 Essential Points of Meditation

2021-05-14T11:34:47-07:00By |

Ever wonder how Buddhist monks and nuns achieve that seemingly unflappable peace of mind? The truth is, they had to start from scratch - just like everybody else. As you work your way from distracted beginner to seasoned meditator, you’ll go through different stages too, even though you’ll need to leave the linear notion of [...]

5 Ways to Improve Mindfulness

2021-05-14T11:34:47-07:00By |

Awareness and appreciation of the present moment give life its fullness. Training in mindfulness fosters focus, clarity, and gratitude for the goodness of now. But distraction is such a strong habit that even while we are walking, eating and traveling, our minds are usually somewhere else. How can we train in mindfulness and learn to [...]

The Meaning of Mindfulness and Awareness

2021-05-14T11:34:48-07:00By |

Mindfulness and awareness are the foundations of meditation. But what’s the difference? If the term “mindfulness” is now part of the zeitgeist, “awareness” is somewhat harder to pin down. In the context of meditation, both mindfulness and awareness are essential. In fact, the journey to understanding the mind and how to work with it [...]

Best Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

2021-05-14T11:36:41-07:00By |

Mindfulness meditation is gaining popularity across the world, and for good reason. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation exercises contribute to creativity, decrease anxiety and cultivate peace of mind. The basis for mindfulness is maintaining a regular sitting meditation practice. The awareness and simplicity experienced while sitting can carry over into your daily routine. [...]

What Does “Mindful” Mean?

2021-05-14T11:36:41-07:00By |

Mindful is just what you’d think, kind of Be mindful of the time, mindful of your language, mindful of how much those groceries cost, mindful of where you put your feet—being mindful was part of our everyday language long before mindfulness became a thing. So what does it mean to “be mindful,” exactly? In our [...]

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