Journey to Well-Being

Uncover your true potential for well-being with Mindworks’ comprehensive meditation program.

Here’s what you’ll gain from Mindworks online meditation courses:

  • Well-structured, enjoyable, original teachings and guided meditations
  • A practicable path to calmness, clarity, and contentment
  • The encouragement you need to commit to consistent practice
  • The ability to develop resilience and disrupt obstacles
  • Confidence to meet the moment with perspective (and good humor)

Welcome to Mindworks Journey to Well-Being! There’s no better journey than the one that leads to discovering the mind’s true potential. Based on genuine, time-tested mindfulness and awareness teachings, our online programs are fun and transformative. We’ve curated our best guided meditations, videos, and contemplations, and organized them into an outstanding learning experience. Clear and encouraging instructions make it easy for you to keep your practice steady. Guided by our exceptional Mind Trainers, you’ll learn to channel your experiences both on the cushion and off into personal growth. Curious? Here are 7 reasons why Mindworks online courses are different from the rest.

Journey Level 1 Discover the wonders of meditation

And we offer you the first level for free!

We believe our Journey is one of the best, most transformative online meditation courses available. We’re sure you’ll think so too, so we’re offering the complete Level 1 course for free!

Amazing User Feedback from
Journey Level 9 Graduates

Meditation has been a big help for healing“The 9 Level Path to Transformation was amazing and helped me build a strong, consistent meditation foundation and I loved the whole journey. The program has helped me survive this pandemic and changed my life. Deep gratitude! I love Mindworks!” Quentin, Army veteran

Meditation give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance“I’ve been practicing for several years, but the Mindworks courses have taken me much farther. They are excellent. They give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance to understand yourself, your mind “working” and how to be kind to yourself while practicing.” Pat, Mom

Mindworks Journey Level 9 Graduate!“I’ve contemplated how much this meditation has opened my mind to ‘the gold mine within’! I feel more kind and confident with each day’s meditation. This sense of well-being is now the foundation as I face each day’s challenges.”  Laura


Mindworks Journey to Well-Being

From beginner to advanced practitioner

Mindworks Journey seamlessly integrates mindfulness and awareness practices for a complete and genuine path to transformation. This is the Journey to Well-Being: an authentic, step-by-step program that teaches you how to use both mindfulness and awareness practices to navigate the changes and challenges of daily life. And for advanced meditators, our Journey to Compassion provides all the tools you need to open your heart to genuine love and compassion.

Are you ready to set aside some transformative time for you?

Each of the 9 progressive Journey levels takes a minimum of 14 days. You are encouraged to explore and practice them at your own pace—there’s no rush. At every stage of the Journey there are curated guided meditations, videos by our Mind Trainers, readings, and more. You can expect to spend 20 to 30 minutes learning and practicing each day, depending on the level. It generally takes dedicated Mindworks students 5 to 12 months to accomplish all 9 levels of the Journey. We provide certificates for each completed level.

Individual meditation instruction is offered via zoom at the completion of Levels 4 and 9. This is a unique opportunity to meet with a qualified Mind Trainer and receive personal guidance for your practice.

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Free Course!

Level 1: Fundamentals

The first level of the Journey is free!

For those who want to see if the Journey is right for them. No credit card required. Full 14-day course.

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9 Level Course Bundle

$290 lifetime access

For those who aspire to progress along an authentic path to well-being

Mind Trainers Featured In This Course Series

The Journey to Well-Being includes these transformational courses

Free Course!
Course Length - 14 days
learn the basics of meditation fundamentals
Journey to Well-Being

Unlock your potential for a meaningful life, through the practice of meditation

Course Length - 14 days
practice meditation to learn how to work with your mind
Journey to Well-Being

Learn to recognize thoughts and emotions as they arise

Course Length - 14 days
stabilize your meditation practice
Journey to Well-Being

Maintain balance and mindful focus in challenging situations

Course Length - 14 days
meditation makes you much more resilient and flexible
Journey to Well-Being

Become more flexible and resourceful through awareness practice

Course Length - 14 days
Meditation helps disrupt negative emotions
Journey to Well-Being

Change your perspective and let go of negative patterns in your life

Course Length - 14 days
meditation discovers the gap in our minds between thoughts
Journey to Well-Being

Discover mind’s spaciousness and the freedom of choice it offers us

Course Length - 14 days
meditation brings out our genuine kindness
Journey to Well-Being

Open your heart to a genuine softness born from experience

Course Length - 14 days
meditation brings genuine confidence
Journey to Well-Being

Stable awareness brings strength, humor and perspective

Course Length - 14 days
Meditation brings genuine well-being
Journey to Well-Being

Discover an unshakeable sense of life’s basic goodness

What our happy customers say:

"The website, app, content and instructors are amazing! With your guidance and tools, I'm finally understanding meditation, sticking with it - and enjoying this unfolding journey. Thank you!"
Mindworks meditation courses are amazing
Journalist, retired
"I have known for many years that the persona I present is not truly aligned with the real me, which I sense but do not really know. I believe that this journey will help me to discover and embrace the real me, and give me the confidence to express it."
Ralph on the Journey to well-being
Engineer, retired

Is meditation the key to personal transformation?

Have you had enough of being stuck in the same old patterns? Ready for a new you? When you meditate, you’re working withyour unique blend of wonderfulness and disorder to bring out the best you… but it won’t really transform you into a completely different person (sorry! but it’s the truth!). Personal transformation happens naturally as the innate qualities of your mind and heart are revealed through your practice.

As a means of transformation, meditation has been around for centuries. Countless practitioners have experienced the potential of meditation to change lives for the better. Since ancient times they’ve recounted their personal stories of transformation in art forms such as haiku and songs. Now science is chiming in with a more mainstream, evidence-based voice that confirms what meditators have always known: the transformative potential of meditation is prodigious indeed.
But don’t take our word for it. Just because a website offers free guided meditation videos and guided meditation scripts or proclaims that it’s the best free mindfulness course out there doesn’t make it so. Check out Mindworks courses, meditation trainers, and the motivation behind our work, and you’ll see that we’re different.

How does meditation help transform your personality for the better? By showing you that once you’ve begun to familiarize yourself with how the mind and heart work, you can choose which thoughts and emotions are really worth your while and focus on nurturing them. To bring out the best you, using meditation to learn about the workings of your mind makes all the sense in the world.

For those who are inspired to delve deeper, therapies and personal transformation courses that integrate some form of meditation can be very successful because of the stability of positive change. Ultimately, a practitioner’s commitment and the authenticity of the method will determine the benefit of the path. So, dear reader, personal transformation depends largely on you: your energy, your motivation, and your discernment. Mindworks helps you make the most of all three.
With the Mindworks Journey, meditation is a commitment you’ll love to keep.