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Join us on Mindworks Journey to greater well-being.

Mindworks Journey is a great way to establish a regular practice or deepen your meditation to receive its many benefits. Each level of the Journey takes you on a guided tour of rich content on the app and includes:

  • Daily meditation practices to sharpen your mindfulness and awareness
  • Guided Meditations to get you started and keep you going
  • Daily Cups for a quick, uplifting contemplation to start your day
  • Insightful Blog articles to enhance your understanding
  • Selected Mind Talks to support your journey

Best of all it only takes 15 – 20 minutes of your busy day.

Get started on Mindworks Journey – a progressive path to understanding how your mind works and how to work with your mind for a better way of being. Learn about the Journey Levels and more about the Mindworks Journey below.

Mindworks Journey

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Mindworks Journey

Meditation practice unlocks your potential for a happier, more meaningful life.

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Mindworks Journey

About Mindworks Journey

The core content for your Journey can be found on the Mindworks App, and selected complementary blogs and articles are on the Website. Our exceptional instructors will guide you all along the way. Just relax and give yourself some space to enjoy learning how to work with your mind.

The Journey is a progressive 9-level set of meditation modules that naturally build your understanding of mindfulness and awareness practice. We encourage you to take your time and proceed at your own pace. Remember—it’s all about the Journey!


In our three Foundation modules, you’ll learn meditation essentials and become familiar with the practice of mindfulness. You’ll develop a stable meditation practice and create more calm and clarity in your life.


In the three Path modules, you’ll understand how to better work with life’s challenges through the practice of awareness. You’ll learn how to disrupt negative patterns and discover the gap, a state of mind that gives you space to respond to daily challenges with more freedom and resilience.


And in Transformation’s three modules, you’ll learn how to integrate meditation in your life. By combining mindfulness and awareness practices, you transform and flourish. You begin to realize you have everything you need to cultivate kindness and confidence for greater happiness and well-being.

All 9 levels focus on establishing, rekindling or energizing your daily meditation practice. Mindworks Meditation App offers different guided meditations resources, so pick the one that’s right for you:

Meditation Resources on the Mindworks App


M7: Learn to Meditate

A series of 7 easy-to-follow 10-minute guided meditation sessions. Train with M7 to build a consistent daily routine.
Navigate to: Menu | Guided Meditations | M7: Learn to Meditate | M7.1 Working with Mindfulness through M7.7 Working with Space

Timed Meditations

Timed sessions that run from 2.5 to 30 minutes in length are a good option if you’ve completed the M7 or are already familiar with meditation practice.
Navigate to: Menu | Guided Meditations | Timed Meditations

Meditation Timer

To go solo set the timer for any length you’d like.
Navigate to: Menu | Meditation Timer

Follow our guided meditation path to create lasting positive change in your life. It’s more fun to journey with others, so encourage your friends to join in too!

Please email us with any questions or feedback.