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7 reasons why we’re so effective

1) We walk the talk

Why are our mind trainers the best meditation teachers you’ll find online? Let’s start with over four hundred years (and counting) of combined experience walking the talk. Our trainers’ own guides were great masters who taught them different forms of mindfulness and awareness meditation. And after years of putting the instructions into practice they, in turn, are happy to pay it forward by sharing their insights and unique teaching styles with you on Mindworks courses.

Happy meditator Cathe“After completing the free Foundations course, I wanted and needed more. Fast-forward seven months later: I finished the Journey to Well Being series and have started the Journey to Compassion. As a result, my brain has rewired, and my heart has purified. I am not the same person. My marriage and other close relationships are thriving. Don’t deprive yourself of this miraculous experience.” Cathe, Teacher

2) We remember what it’s like to start out

That’s why our online meditation classes for beginners are so successful. Indeed, most people who complete our 14-day meditation course for beginners—the Mindworks learn to meditate course—give us a 5 star rating. We show beginners how to meditate step-by-step, at their own pace, so they can gain the confidence they need to stick with it and even enjoy themselves in the process (!).

3) We also know what it takes to go deep

Looking for advanced meditation courses online can be pretty hit or miss. It isn’t always easy to know who can provide authentic instructions as the practice progresses. Following the Mindworks Journey meditation course outline allows you to advance progressively so that you gain confidence and experience at every level and at your own pace. When you’re ready to take your practice deeper, we’re here for you with expert instructions and access to one-on-one Q&A with a skilled Mind Trainer about your experiences on the cushion. That’s another thing that makes us an exceptional online meditation program.

4) We want meditation to be accessible

It warms our hearts when fans write to say that they find Mindworks Level 1: Fundamentals to be the best free online meditation course they’ve ever come across. This course is the most basic of our mindfulness and meditation classes, and in many ways the most important. Why? Because people who don’t connect with the practice in the beginning may never want to try again. That’s why we decided to make this vital 2-week meditation course free in the first place.

5) We help you use your practice in everyday situations

We’re not all looking for the same thing when it comes to meditation. Short courses and meditation sessions are better for some people, longer ones for others. So we designed our courses to run from 7 to 14 days and our guided meditations from 5 to 30 minutes.

Likewise, some people are inspired by pure and simple mindfulness meditation courses while others are interested in exploring awareness and other forms of meditation.

Beyond meditation on the cushion or chair, learning about specific subjects such as Working with Emotions or Mind-Body Health and Harmony can help meditators harness their practice to enhance and transform their daily lives.

6) We like to get personal

Mindworks team of wise meditation teachers and experienced professionals is small and mighty. While very large companies offering online courses in mindfulness naturally have an edge when it comes to marketing, Mindworks excels at understanding your needs and making sure you have everything required for a successful practice long-term. From our meditation lessons for beginners to instructions for advanced practitioners, Mindworks is designed to be accessible, inspiring, and fun!

7) We do it because we love it.

Mindworks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on volunteer teachers and administrators to function. Every donation, every dollar earned from our online mindfulness programs and other online courses on meditation and related subjects goes towards operating expenses. Period.

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"I would like to say how much I’m enjoying the courses. I’m finding the whole process and practice illuminating, fascinating and profoundly meaningful…..thank you! "
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Registered Nurse
"I’ve been practicing for several years, but the Mindworks courses have taken me much farther. They are excellent. They give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance to understand yourself, your mind “working” and how to be kind to yourself while practicing. "
Meditation give soothing, calming and extremely well explained guidance

Online meditation courses for all experience levels and interests.

Free Course!
Course Length - 14 days
learn the basics of meditation fundamentals
Journey to Well-Being

Unlock your potential for a meaningful life, through the practice of meditation

Course Length - 7 days
meditation course on working with relationships

Connecting with our true qualities results in healthier relationships

Course Length - 14 days
Learn the fundamentals of meditation practice

Training in mindfulness brings joy and many benefits to body and mind