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Working with Challenges

We know that life can be challenging—that’s why Mindworks created Working with Challenges modules that benefit beginning and intermediate meditators alike. These modules provide essential guidance for real life situations and show you how to use your meditation practice to navigate demanding issues such as stress, difficult relationships and addiction.

Each Working with Challenges section takes you on a guided tour of rich app content and includes:

  • Daily meditation practices to sharpen your mindfulness and awareness
  • Guided Meditations that get you started and keep you going
  • Daily Cup Contemplations for a quick, uplifting way to begin your day
  • Blog articles to enhance your understanding of how your mind works
  • Mind Talks selected to help you navigate the Challenge material

Best of all it only takes 15–20 minutes of your busy day.

Mindworks Working with Challenges meditation modules are a great way to create lasting positive change in your life. Learn about the different topics below.

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Working with Challenges

Meditation helps us work with demanding situations with more clarity and greater confidence.

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Learn to work with life's challenges through meditation

About Working with Challenges

Meditation gives us the space to break away from our daily routines, experience the freshness of our minds and enjoy the richness of the present moment. But what about off the cushion or the chair? As soon as we leave our practice zone, more demanding situations will present themselves. These run the gamut from everyday irritations like traffic jams, computer glitches and minor ailments to major crises such as serious illness, the loss of loved ones, jeopardized livelihood and natural disasters.

How does meditation help us navigate life’s challenges, great and small? If meditation only “worked” during practice, it would be of very limited benefit. We might think of our daily mindfulness and awareness meditation as “training sessions” that make our minds more fit, even when the sessions themselves don’t feel like a workout. The true benefits of meditation practice reveal themselves in challenges: we realize that we the have space to assess situations, react less impulsively and prioritize more effectively. We know that our emotions, hopes and fears aren’t the whole story because our experience of mind has made this very clear. We’ve discovered that we can recognize these mental events as they arise, acknowledge and release them and return to a core of serenity and goodwill that’s always there.

Daily situations give us a golden opportunity to further our practice. Without challenges, how would we recognize our strengths and learning curves? Life’s difficulties can make our meditation more genuine and less intellectual and meditation can make life’s difficulties more workable. Working with Challenges modules offer a variety of resources to help you tap into your inner strength and face life’s inevitable challenges with more clarity and greater confidence.

Meditation Options in Mindworks App

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M7: Learn to Meditate

A series of 7 easy-to-follow 10-minute guided meditation sessions. Train in order from M7.1 to M7.7 to build a consistent daily routine.
Navigate to these sections on the Mindworks App: Menu | Guided Meditations | M7: Learn to Meditate | M7.1 Working with Mindfulness through M7.7 Working with Space
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Timed Meditations

Times sessions that run from 2.5 to 30 minutes in length are a good option if you’ve completed the M7 series or are already familiar with meditation practice.
Navigate to these sections on the Mindworks App: Menu | Guided Meditations | Timed Meditations
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Meditation Timer

Experienced meditators can go solo and set the Meditation Timer for whatever length of time you’d like.
Navigate to these sections on the Mindworks App: Menu | Meditation Timer

Begin Working with Challenges meditation modules today to create lasting positive change in your life.

It’s more fun to work with others, so encourage your friends to join you too!

Please email us with any questions or feedback.

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