Working with Challenges

Meditation gives us the space we need to take a break from our daily routines, experience the freshness of our minds and enjoy the richness of the present moment. But life’s more demanding situations are bound to present themselves sooner or later. That’s why Mindworks has created special meditation modules to help us address more complex issues like difficult relationships, stress and addiction. Mindworks Working with Challenges modules offer a variety of resources that will help you tap into your inner strength and face life’s inevitable curve balls with more clarity and confidence.

Each Working with Challenges section takes you on a guided tour of rich app content that includes:

  • Daily meditation practices to sharpen your mindfulness and awareness
  • Guided Meditations that get you started and keep you going
  • Daily Cup Contemplations for a quick, uplifting way to begin your day
  • Blog posts to enhance your understanding of how the mind works
  • Mind Talks selected to help you navigate the Challenge material

Best of all it only takes 15–20 minutes of your busy day.

Mindworks Working with Challenges meditation modules are a great way to create lasting positive change in your life. Check out the different topics below.

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Working with Challenges

Meditation helps us work with demanding situations with more clarity and greater confidence.

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